Motivated by clean lines and minimalism, we set out to create a new classic concept - elevated essentials, linking timeless sophisticated tailoring with modern bold aesthetic elegance.
Naturally influenced by and paying homage to our art form, ballet, many of our ideas come from a combination of dance heritage coupled with contemporary fashion design, resulting in a timeless and refined look.
Modeled after our globetrotting lifestyles, we always want to feel put together and ready-to-go at the same time. Our style embodies convertible and seasonless elements, letting us move from place to place with ease. We aimed to unite form and function, using fabrics with technical performance properties that work for an on-the-go lifestyle, providing flow for everyday life.


To be an artist is to work, dream, and express. We create to express the everyday artist in everyone.
We spend our days finding beauty in strength, working hard to make hard work look effortless. We created this brand for women who want to feel effortless and confident, whenever, wherever.
We live in a constant state of personal growth and evolution, both physically and mentally. We aim to celebrate this continuous movement and progression of both the body and mind through creation.
 - - - 
We create our products in small-batches with care and mindfulness, in limited-runs and well-thought minimalist designs, resulting in greater sustainability efficiencies that prevent overproduction.
Our first collection features designs by dancers located in New York City. The designs are eponymous, named after the inspiration and direct influence of each dancer. 
Our manufacturers are some of the oldest in NYC, drawing many similarities to that of ballet: traditional, meticulous, time-honored and detail-oriented.