Why New Yorkers Wear Black (and Why You Should too)

By Gisel Marmolejo

For New Yorkers, nothing will ever be “the new black.”

Deemed our city’s unofficial uniform, head-to-toe black keeps us clean, put together, and works well for any occasion. Black is hip. Black is sexy. Black is simple, yet mysterious.

Most of us have active lifestyles and are usually running late to something, so practically speaking, black is the best no fuss, fashionable and seasonless option. It’s versatile and transitions seamlessly from day to night.

The question still lingers… why do we really wear black? Because no other color exerts both power and elegance at the same time. Living in the business capital of the world, we want people to know that we’re serious, confident, and reliable. It’s our way of letting everyone know that we’re not tourists here in NYC, we’re a part of the numbered elite that have what it takes to thrive in NYC, and we wear black.

So if you’re not from New York City, should you wear black? Absolutely. As busy professional women, we understand how frustrating it can sometimes be to pick out an outfit that’s stylish, sophisticated, and fitting to all the activities you have planned for the day. We understand that living in a city means being exposed to a lot of filth and possibly having someone spill their morning coffee on you (or if you’re a mother, having your child spill something on you). Wearing black is not only practical, but it makes you feel bold, confident, and sophisticated all at the same time.

Just like New Yorkers wear black to let the world know they’re from the city, we encourage you to wear black to let the world know you are also a part of an elite group that is practical, bold, confident, and sophisticated.

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