Chelsea: Our Favorite Art District in NYC

By Gisel Marmolejo

Everyone who has ever visited New York City loves Chelsea.

The streets are brimming with some of the city’s best restaurants, shops, and picturesque views.

We love Chelsea because we believe that it lives and breathes art, from the aesthetic food you order, to the luxury designs of the shops, to the street art on the walls. Great artistry always finds a way to transcend its natural medium of expression.  

As ballerinas, we’re always trying to find new ways of expressing our everyday artistry and we love to come down to Chelsea for inspiration. Whether that’s grabbing a quick bite at the trendy Chelsea Market, or going for a stroll on the High Line for a phenomenal view of the Hudson.

In fact, we take a lot of our photo shoots in various art districts across the globe because there’s something different about a neighborhood that has an artistic soul. The range of vibrant cultures and activities in an art district craft a unique experience every time. You can go to art museums and galleries anywhere in the world, but only art districts like Chelsea truly capture the evolving nature of cultures and cities.

What was once a central railroad in Manhattan, is now NYC’s first elevated park, the High Line. What was once a dock destination for the Titanic, is now a destination for local athletes, Chelsea Piers. What was once home to up-and-coming artists, is now a renowned art district home to a vibrant local community.

We encourage you to check out your local art district the next time you want a new way to experience art and history. You’ll be surprised at what you find.




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